Why dõTERRA?

My Family & Our Future
My inspiration to start this business was to teach my Grandchildren the basics of preventative health and well-being for their best chance to live happy healthy lives. Introducing them to alternative wellness so they may make choices best suited for their needs to grow and be their authentic, radiant selves.
This excites me and brings joy to my heart. I want to make a difference in our world, in my community and with others.

Deb McPhedrain
Independent Wellness Advocate
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I welcome to my life change that brings new positive energy, new conversations, and bright beginnings. dõTERRA came quickly and as a surprise to me from my sister-in-law this summer (2016). Thank you to Clare.

I felt the potential to thrive with these essential oils and use them as a way to impart well-being with others. I’m grateful for this opportunity and could not pass it by. Thanks to Jennifer G.

It’s a perfect blend for those who desire to live up to their higher self and use CTPG essential oils to support well-being. dõTERRA is a vehicle for one person to make a difference in our world. I WANT TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE! I want to teach my grandchildren to live well and be healthy. To be joyful!

“dõTERRA was built on a dream of sharing therapeutic-grade essential oils with the world. Achieving such a grand vision requires a team of people empowered, committed, and passionate. Join us as we share our vision of changing the world one community, One person, one drop at a time.”

dõTERRA is a conscience driven company and I’m grateful to represent these amazing products.

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